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Energy AnalytiX - Commanding
July 2012 Description: Using Commanding in Energy AnalytiX applications for advanced interactions. OS Requirement: Server 2008 x64/Windows 7 x64/Vista x64/Server 2008 R2 x64/Windows 8 x64 General Requirement: Knowledge of Energy AnalytiX and Commanding. ? Export Image – is limited to non-Silverlight hosts of Energy AnalytiX Viewer such as non-Silverlight GraphWorX64 displays. It allows you to save an image of your chart in bmp, png or xps file format. It ignores scale parameters.

Energy AnalytiX is a powerful tool used to analyze and display your energy usage in terms of cost, consumption, and carbon emissions. Commanding provides a simple way to monitor your asset structures with minimum development effort. This application note will explain how we can combine Energy AnalytiX and Commanding. ICONICS recommends reading application notes on Commanding and Energy AnalytiX prior to following this application note.

Available Commands:
Commanding allows you to control your Energy AnalytiX Viewer either from the AssetWorX Navigator or a GraphWorX64 display. How to configure and use commanding is described in other application notes such as Commanding – Configuration and Runtime. Here are a variety of commands that you can send to Energy AnalytiX Viewer control and what each one does:
NOTE: Only a few of the commands listed in this application note are limited to Energy AnalytiX. The majority of them can be also used in conjunction with other controls or objects. Due to their generic nature, some options are not available for interaction with the Energy AnalytiX Viewer. This list shows in bold which part of the Viewer can be addressed by commands. For instance, the Navigate command does not affect the complete viewer control nor its chart, but only its grid.

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Load Energy Data – loads configuration data into a target viewer Navigate – allows you to navigate along pages of the target viewer’s grid Save Configuration – saves the current configuration of the viewer Select Asset – specifies for which asset you want to show data in your viewer Select Element – selects a specific row of your grid Set Time Range – specifies the start and end time for which the viewer should show data Set Visibility – toggles visibility of a specific column in the grid
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