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Advanced Energy Management Software

Visualize Your Enterprise?

Analytics for a Greener World
In today’s competitive global economy, with soaring energy prices and increasing environmental regulations, profitability and the ability to quickly analyze and closely control operating costs has become ever more critical. A smart integrated energy management solution can easily save money and translates into a greatly improved bottom line. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce consumption, monitor conditions, lower energy costs and minimize carbon emissions. Now, managers of commercial or government buildings, university campuses and industrial plants have a revolutionary smart energy Web solution that is easy to apply, configure and operate. It provides open universal data connectivity and data integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP and control systems. Energy AnalytiX? delivers the back end calculation, KPI analytics, data historian, reporting and rich visualization you need to take decisive action to reduce and manage your utility costs and carbon footprint. ? Quick to deploy and achieve ROI ? Realize cost-savings through informed decisions ? Standard Cost, Consumption and Carbon reports ? Drill down into causes of abnormal energy use

Energy AnalytiX? can help you save between 5% and 25% annually on your utility bills

Sustainability Process

Balance your budget and the environment
Rich Visualization Dashboards and Kiosks
Energy AnalytiX can deliver rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualization over the Web to address applications from a single building to a global real estate portfolio. Create IT firewall friendly, secure custom facility dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports analyzing your energy consumption patterns and resource usage. Site managers, building engineers or maintenance personnel can intuitively navigate and find opportunities for improvement. Energy AnalytiX provides secure, long-term data storage of information needed to correlate expected and unexpected resource use. Collect data from resources such as electricity, oil, steam, water and gas. Conditions that affect resources are collected and might include outdoor air temperature (OAT), outdoor lumens, number of occupants per hour, duct air pressures, average set points per zone, equipment runtimes, current electricity, steam, water and gas costs.

Point and Click Configuration
Energy AnalytiX employs Web-based Microsoft Silverlight? configuration capabilities, including an Asset Tree that provides intuitive easy setup and configuration to any level of aggregation, from an entire campus or enterprise down to a specific meter or user. Gain a global view, or monitor individual zones. When consumption offenders are suspected, drill down to the primary causes of energy inefficiency. With rollup calculations, easily analyze groups of consumers within the same dimension. Normalize data by deriving variables, such as runtime, occupancy, or OAT, so that data is comparative and meaningful. Create custom KPI and visualization dashboards, as well as specialized reports, using the Energy AnalytiX solution. Design reports to be scheduled based on Date, Time, Value, Alert or on User Ad hoc Request.

Actionable Information At Your Fingertips
Based on a scalable WEB 2.0 Microsoft Silverlight and SharePoint? technologies, Energy AnalytiX connects, analyzes, data logs and visualizes the right information in a way that is intuitive and easy to access. A Site Summary Overview helps provide instant information on energy Consumption, financial Costing and the Carbon environmental impact. A standardsbased S95 Asset Tree allows for rapid and simple navigation to the sitesummarized reports and charts. You are just one click away from understanding energy costs and how to improve the returns to your bottom line. Alerts and an extensive alarm management system provide information wherever you may be, by sending SMS text messages and emails, as well as using social networks and rich mobile phone apps.

Open Standard Connectivity
Innovative universal data integration, based on industry open standards such as OPC, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus and Web Services, lets you manage energy consumption, costs and environmentals by simply plugging it into your existing network.

? Scalable from single location to campuses ? Universal Connectivity – OPC, BACnet, SNMP, and Web Services ? Rich Visualization via the Web using Microsoft Silverlight? ? Standard and Custom Calculations:
? $ / Sq. Foot ? Avg. kWh / Degree Days ? Total CF Air / Zone ? CO2 / Meter ? / Sq. Meter ? kWh / Occupant / Hour ? BTU Zone ? CO2 / Person

? Building Controls and HVAC ? Air Conditioning and Lighting ? Wind Turbine and Wind Parks ? Utilities and City Heating Stations ? Solar Facilities ? Geo Thermal and Bio Gas Power ? Water and Wastewater ? Heating and Cooling ? Oil and Gas ? Conveying and Packaging ? Pharmaceutical ? Heavy Industry

? Collaborate and Social Network using Microsoft SharePoint? ? Integrated with Microsoft SQL StreamInsight? and Office ? Clock Synchronization, support UTC for accurate Totals ? Automatic adjustment for bad sensor readings ? Help meet regulations and be LEED compliant

Real-time Operational Efficiency

Building Performance

Natural navigation to identify energy opportunities

Equipment Analysis

Zone Analysis
Energy Consumption

Easily Find Energy Offenders

Equipment Efficiency Usage

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